The Maltings Theatre




The home of live theatre in the heart of St Albans.

A regional producing theatre of quality and distinction, managed by OVO.

The Maltings Theatre has been a part of St Albans’ cultural scene for the past 30 years, building a rich heritage and providing a home for scores of live performances that might otherwise have struggled to find a stage.

Many of the UK’s great performers of the last three decades have appeared at the venue – from Eddie Izzard to Steven Berkoff, Jackie Dankworth to Stan Tracey.

After a period of temporary closure, OVO took over the management of The Maltings Theatre in 2011. Over the past decade, it has breathed new life into this venerable cultural venue and re-established the theatre’s presence and reputation as a regional and national theatre of quality and distinction.

OVO produces two major seasons of new theatre productions at The Maltings Theatre each year, in the Spring and Autumn.

Alongside OVO’s in house productions, the theatre programme features associate companies including Charles Court Opera, one of the UK’s leading and most versatile chamber opera ensembles, and Dyad Productions, with its innovative yet classic interpretations of existing text.

The Maltings Theatre also presents a regular lineup of live music events and a programme of weekly drama and music classes for children. The venue is available for hire for community performances, meetings and events of all types.

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