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Since 2020, OVO has grown exponentially, and we are now four times the size we were before the pandemic in terms of productions, audience numbers, actors and creatives employed, and revenue.
So this has been an exciting period! But we have hardly had a moment to pause for breath and attend to our organisational development and infrastructure, and our core team hasn’t grown much since we were a much smaller company.
As you can imagine, this has put enormous strain on our people and infrastructure, so we are now embarking on a much needed expansion of our team.
As much as we want to increase our capacity, we also recognise that we need to upskill, and that a range of external expertise and experience will be needed to take us to the next level.
Whilst we’re proud that we still have many of our original team involved, we’re hungry for fresh ideas and new approaches.
Essentially, we’re aiming to evolve from being a scrappy startup, flying by the seat of our pants, to a slightly more grown up organisation – without losing the energy, entrepreneurialism and sense of doing the impossible that has got us to this point.
Above all, we want to retain OVO’s soul.
We’re creating a number of new permanent full time roles, which will be part of our leadership team, to play a key role in the next phase of OVO’s development.
It’s a really exciting time to be joining us, and we hope you’ll consider applying.
Click on the links to find out more about each role and how to apply.

Marketing Manager

£30-33k per annum
The Marketing and Partnerships Manager is responsible for ensuring that OVO’s work is effectively promoted and that audiences for our shows continue to grow. Click here to download the application pack.
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