The Highwayman

The Highwayman

3rd-8th September 2024
Presented by OVO and Norwich Theatre
Based on the poem by Alfred Noyes
Music, book and lyrics by Kitty Morgan
Arrangements by Adam Morris
Directed by Adam Nichols
Location The Roman Theatre
Tickets £12.50 – £29.50

The Highwayman - A New British Musical

Welcome, lovelies, to our tub-thumping pub-singalong, set in the year 1666 but reflecting exactly who we are right here, right now in 2024.

Inspired by Alfred Noyes’ classic poem, The Highwayman tells the story of a doomed love affair between self-confessed sociopath Duval and Bess. Along the way we meet a cast of richly drawn restoration rogues and romatics – from a mysterious conquistador to a mystic grandmother; a sadistic smuggler to a rip-roaring East End landlady. Not to mention special guest appearances by Nell Gwynn and King Charles II himself…

Sexy, darkly funny and deeply moving, The Highwayman is about longing for better while trying to run from the worst of our past. It explores love, loss and the light in the dark. And it asks why we always seem to find the perfect knife on which to cut ourselves.

The Highwayman submerges the audience in a unique, genre busting sound world in which a live band joyously reimagines pub sing-alongs and folk ballads in super contemporary arrangements, from electro swing to Adele, with a sprinkling of Billie Eilish and Kae Tempest.

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This production can also be seen at Norwich Theatre from 14th-18th August. To book tickets for Norwich, click here.

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Content Guidance

The Highwayman is a story of hope and survival. The characters in the musical live and die in the criminal underclass of London and Suffolk in the 1600s. In their lives they have encountered abuse, neglect, violence, infanticide, domestic violence, self harm and suicide, so please be prepared for these subjects to be tackled during the show.

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The venue


The Roman Theatre of Verulamium
Bluehouse Hill, St Albans AL3 6AE

Additional Information

If you have any questions regarding access at The Roman Theatre, please email us before booking so that we can provide you with information and assistance.

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3rd September
Tuesday 7:30pm £12.50
4th September
Wednesday 7:30pm £15.50 - £24.50
5th September
Thursday 7:30pm £15.50 - £29.50
6th September
Friday 7:30pm £15.50 - £29.50
7th September
Saturday 2:30pm £15.50 - £24.50
Saturday 7:30pm £15.50 - £29.50
8th September
Sunday 6:00pm £15.50 - £29.50

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