Our general exchange, refund and return policy

Once purchased, tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

We will, at our discretion, endeavour to exchange tickets for a different performance of the same show where you find that you are no longer able to attend the date for which you originally booked. However, this will be subject to the availability of seats at that show on that date and time. This will be assessed at the point when we are processing your request for an exchange.

We can accept tickets for resale but we will only attempt to resell them once a show is sold out and we cannot guarantee that they will be resold. An administration charge of £3 per ticket will be made for each ticket successfully resold. This will be deducted from the amount remitted to you after the tickets are resold.

Specific terms and conditions relating to shows at The Roman Theatre of St Albans

Tickets may only be exchanged or refunded in the case of a cancelled show. However, refunds are not given for cancellation or abandonment of a show as a result of the weather.

The Roman Theatre is an open air theatre, and the auditorium and stage are completely uncovered. Patrons therefore accept that weather, climate, temperature and light conditions, which are out of our control, are an integral part of the experience at the Roman Theatre and may impact on their visit.

While we will make every effort to complete each show, we reserve the right to stop and start the show as necessary.

Shows will only ever be cancelled or abandoned in the event of bad weather, where such weather is deemed by us to pose a health and safety risk for the performers or the audience. In any case, shows will never be cancelled before their advertised starting time.

In some cases, we may choose to delay the start time of a show for reasons including because of weather forecasts we may have received.

If a show is cancelled on account of the weather, we will announce this at the time of cancellation at the venue. We do not communicate cancellations to patrons who did not come to the venue or who have already left the venue. However, you will still be able to benefit from our policy for exchanging tickets following a weather-related cancellation.

If a show is cancelled or abandoned because of the weather, you will be entitled to exchange your ticket for seats available with the nearest value to your original ticket (rounded-up) at any other show at The Roman Theatre, subject to availability. There is no time limit on exchanging tickets in this way.