Anna plays Meg Page in our production of The Merry Wives of Windsor, which opens at The Roman Theatre Open Air Festival on Friday 31st May. The show is a raucous, upbeat take on Shakespeare’s classic comic play.

How long have you been an actress/performer, Anna? 

About 25 years. I’ve been performing in the Roman Theatre for the last decade, going out in everything from torrential rain, 35 degree heat, and even snow, and I love it here!

What do you most enjoy about performing at the Roman Theatre?

It’s just such a beautiful space with its blend of nature and history. On a still summer’s evening there’s nowhere more tranquil. I’ve always loved working in open air theatre; there is a unique live-ness that comes from having to compete with hangliders, planes, church bells, giant bumblebees and the weather. And I love the way you can see all the audiences faces, it makes the space really intimate.

The production features classic hits from the 1980’s. What’s your favourite ’80’s tune and why?

Hungry Heart by Bruce Springsteen.

And if you could bring one thing back from the ’80’s, what would it be and why? 

My skin elasticity! And brightly coloured clothes everywhere. 

Why would you recommend people see The Merry Wives of Windsor at the Roman Theatre Open Air Festival?

It’s just a total joy! It’s properly silly, and packed with daft jokes and brilliant ’80’s tunes. It’s upbeat and fun and you will definitely leave with a smile and a dance in your step.